The Wildfire - Old Growth Redwood Dining Table

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7’3” x 46” 1800 year old, old growth Redwood dining table 🌲

The absolute stunning beauty of redwood is something unexplainable 🛸The variations in colour, grain & burl depth and its sheer age alone makes me truly believe that these characteristics in old growth redwood are a reflection of our past. It’s a reflection of what this tree has seen and experienced over its 1800 years on this earth 🌎

This specific tree has a pretty ‘cool’ story attached to it; it was salvaged from the floor of the forest during the 2021 California wildfires. It then became available to us via a local supplier. While I was cleaning this slab up to be ready to use, deep inside the slab there were pockets of ash that this massive giant was harbouring; it was wild!

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